Interview with the president coordinator of Association of Equatoguinean Graduates

Armando Ela Nsue Mengue has a degree in Law from the University of Peking, and a Masters in International Proprietary Law from the Atlantic University in Miami; and he holds the post of president coordinator of the Association of Equatoguinean Graduates (ASEGEC) from various universities in the People’s Republic of China. In an interview with he spoke about the aims of the association, and the positive results being achieved.

The association provides huge opportunities and advantages. Firstly our association is related to the Association of the Chinese People with Foreign Countries in Africa. Around 27 States have created associations with China, but the only association that speaks Chinese and passes on communication from language to language is that of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea”, he stated.

Nsue Mengue also referred to the creation of ASEGEC, The association was created on 16th October 2015, a historic date between China and Equatorial Guinea, as the two countries signed a pact of bilateral cooperation following the independence of Equatorial Guinea in 1968, on 12th October. The association was created through an idea that after training in a specific society, we acquire the culture of that society, and after acquiring it, we combine it with our own in order that it is useful for the two societies”.

In addition, he mentioned grants, The grant does not belong to the recipient, but to the State, because the State sets the conditions to ensure its wishes regarding the use it is put to. On providing this opportunity, and after passing the tests, we were grateful. Today we are seeing, as the world evolves, certain undesirable situations among some young people. For that reason we believe it is better to form an association, to support each other and provide mutual aid, with the aim of revitalising the South-South Cooperation existing between the two countries”.

The ASEGEC president coordinator also underlined the need for union, All united in the same dimension and ideas, and with the concept of our State and the philosophy of our Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, because each nation has a philosophy; that of our Head of State is “Better a cultured people than a rich people”, and that idea is what we desire”.

On the question that ASEGEC is the only association in Africa whose members speak the Chinese language, Armando Ela Nsue said that the Chinese language is crossing borders, as with English; because language is a communication link and brings peoples closer. Furthermore, he underlined the fact that the student sent to China from Equatorial Guinea to train “are creating a bridge of close understanding and assimilation, and a huge will to cooperate between the two governments; because we have two types of member, the natives are those who have taken their studies in China and have obtained a degree, masters or doctorate; other members in the association are those who love Chinese culture, having travelled to China for a seminar or who go to the Confucius Institute at the UNGE, or those who are also interested in Asian culture or the People’s Republic of China”.

On the advantages of the association, he stated that, The association provides huge opportunities and advantages. Firstly our association is related to the Association of the Chinese People with Foreign Countries in Africa. Other nations have an association which is comparable, for example with the Community Parliament or National Parliament of Equatorial Guinea. The difference with ours is that we have an association in which the citizens themselves from the Chinese government have trained at various Chinese universities. Regarding the advantages, we provide the opportunity, under the directorates of the Chinese embassy, for training seminars for Equatoguineans. Secondly, we provide an opportunity to the same Equatoguineans who have been trained in China, and who have not had the chance to return to China, so that they do not forget their capabilities, and their contact with Chinese people. The association serves as a bridge to provide opportunities, and the association also supports the Government of Equatorial Guinea as a country that has trained us, and also from our country we support the cooperation of Chinese companies in order to advise them on laws in the country, and foreign investment, and also the opportunities provided by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to brotherly friendly countries”.

Armando Ela Nsue concluded by affirming that the association is good, and members provide mutual aid, When you are alone, it is difficult to revitalise some things; for that reason, in general all associations are good, whatever their origin. Our association is not run for profit. There are no interests at stage, and for that reason I invite all citizens who trained in China to join the association, so that we can become closer, in order that when there are difficulties we can find a solution”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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