Interview with the President of the National Association for Disabled Safety

To mark International Day for People with a Disability, the president of the National Association for Disabled Safety (ASONAMI), Martin Ela Ondo, was interviewed on Monday 4th December. Ela Ondo spoke about the founding of the institute, its slogan, its achievements, and new projects for the association.

Martin Ela Ondo declared that International Day for People with a Disability had been celebrated on 3rd December since 1992, after being established by United Nations, and Equatorial Guinea welcomes its celebration. Furthermore, he thanked the First Lady of the Nation for the achievements of the institution, as since its creation in 1994, she had promoted as patron the charity organisation.

Another of the achievements in the sporting area were the celebration of an athletics race, promoting empowerment within society.

The president of the association concluded the interview by speaking about some of the programmes to be implemented. In addition to the sporting programme, they had managed a work integration programme, in which both companies and public bodies are working, in order to urge Equatoguinean society to include those with a disability in all types of activity.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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