Investiture of PDGE brother militants in Senegal

On 20th May the investiture ceremony for the brother militants recently appointed to cover vacancies in the PDGE executive went ahead, at an event overseen by the General Coordination of the Party in Senegal, Brother Militant Jose Mabale MaAe, who was also accompanied by a member of the PDGE National Council resident in Senegal, Brother Militant Mauricio Mauro Epkua Obama.

The brother militants in question are:

1. Domingo Ntere Mba Nchama, Regional Coordinator of Sons of Obiang Federated Youth Organisation (ASHO)

2. Veridiana Abang Eyi Bindang, Secretary-Treasury

3. Jose-Luis Anda Manene Abogo, member charged with Social, Cultural and Educational Action for the Militancy

4. Eleuterio Esono Ndong Nzang, member charged with Public Relations and Protocol

The event was also attended by the PDGE militant collective resident in Senegal. In his speech, the general coordinator recalled that, As has always been the case in the country, from Senegal they must continue with the ceaseless support for the PDGE, in order to continue to ensure political stability and peace in our country. This task officially makes us all ambassadors for Equatorial Guinea in the various groups and movements of young Africans who share the ideals of H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President Founder of the PDGE.

And on this occasion, the PDGE Overseas Cell in Senegal firmly expressed its repulsion and

condemnation, in full determination, of the failed terrorist acts of 24th December 2017, once again evoking the message from the President Founder to remain ever vigilant, which is a vital factor in keeping the peace”.

Finally, he reminded the recently invested brother militants, in the name of the President Founder of the PDGE, that they now are part of the executive of this oversees cell and, as such, must always remember that commitment, loyalty, to do good and avoid evil, are virtues which are part of a Brother Militant, and for that reason the PDGE grows stronger and stronger.

After the event, PDGE clothing and cards were given out to the militants.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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