Irony at CDC: unpaid labourers rake in revenue for corporation

The Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) has reached a milestone performance in the Banana sector by exporting a record 3, 347 tons of banana in January 2024 since resuming activities in June 2020. This outstanding performance is thanks to its workers who have been constantly complaining of poor treatment by the management, thereby multiplying a number of strike actions demanding months of unpaid salaries. The recent protest staged by workers of the state-owned company was in April 2023 when the Alliance of CDC Workers declared 10 days of industrial action. The aim was to raise awareness of their sufferings to the national and international communities.

This is the third time the company’s banana export goes above 3,000 tons since resuming activities some four years ago after the 3,103 tons exported in December 2022 and the 3,302 tons exported in December 2023.

According to figures from the National Banana Producers Association (ASSABACAM), the Banana sector exported a total of 22,521 tons in January 2024
with the CDC recording its best performance despite the security challenges that have crippled the company for the past years.

Here are details of January 2024 banana exports per company :

Upper Penja Plantations – 16 875 tons

CDC – 3 347 tons

Mondonie Banana company – 946 tons

Boh Plantations – 1 353 tons

The January 2024 performance is a decrease as compared to December 2023 which saw an export of 25 503 tons, making a difference of 2 982 tons.

Worthy to note is the fact that the CDC’s activities were halted in September 2018 due to the socio-political crisis rocking the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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