Is Neymar dishonestly acquired goods?

The whole world has been astonished by the transfer of the football player, Neymar da Silva, who has been “acquired” by the French club Paris Saint-Germain for 222 million Euro, the most expensive transfer in history, paid for by a body related to the Government of Qatar. Within the PDGE we are wondering why some French NGOs denounce African figures for purchases of supposed “dishonestly acquired goods”, while this astronomical footballing transaction is allowed by a state accused of terrorism.

The news features throughout the media; the Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva has been transferred from the Spanish football club F. C. Barcelona to the French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), in the most expensive operation in the history of football. The Parisian club paid no less that 222 million Euro for Neymar.

And where has such an exorbitant sum come from? In fact, from a complicated consortium of companies belonging to the Government of Qatar. As has been published by various sporting media organisations, it was the Emir of Qatar himself, Tamin bin Hamad Al-Thani who promoted the purchase of the Parisian club in 2011. The president of the club, and its visible face, is the former tennis player, Nasser Al-KhelaA�fi, who presented Neymar before public opinion. And Qatar’s investments in the world of football and other sectors are getting larger and larger; thanks to this, clubs as popular as PSG promote the image of the country on televisions and in other media throughout the world. This despite the fact that in the month of June the governments of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt announced the suspension of diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing the Doha government of “supporting terrorism”. Also despite the fact that Qatar is a country which has been accused of a lack of human rights many times.

Where are the NGOs who denounce dishonestly acquired goods now?

The news about Neymar has led to veritable rivers of ink, both due to its sporting significance, and due to the truly uncommon, astronomical and opulent amount we are speaking about. According to specialists, 222 million Euro is the most expensive transfer in football history; almost double the transfer of Paul Pogba for 117 million Euro, and more than double that of Cristiano Ronaldo for 96 million Euro.Many analysts and media organisations have also criticised this enormous spending, with which it is possible to build hospitals, dozens of schools, or help thousands of people throughout the world.

For all these reasons, and faced with the news which has shocked the entire world, and before the sum which many consider extortionate, within the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea we ask ourselves: Where are the NGOs such as Transparency International France and Sherpa now? Why are they not denouncing the source of the 222 million Euro, especially if the money originates or is related to a Government which other countries are accusing of terrorism? Isn’t the Paris prosecutor going to investigate the source of this money which is used to purchase, promote and maintain multimillionaire football stars at the city’s club? We find it truly surprising and striking that the famous lawyer William Bourdon, together with organisations such as Sherpa or Transparency International France, or the Paris Prosecutor, who have spent enormous sums of money and measures to accuse -without proof, means or arguments- the Vice-president of our country, H. E. Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, have nothing to say about the matter.

Within the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea we cannot but ask ourselves why these NGOs and the Paris Prosecutor denounce African presidents and figures for making purchases or investing in the city, but ignore the most scandalous millionaire financial transaction in the history of football, carried out by the French capital’s club itself, using money from a government accused of terrorism and the abuse of human rights.

And within the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, in conclusion, and after these thoughts, we are left with no option but to underline a clear, irrevocable, indisputable fact, that we once again see the double standards and hypocritical reality which is so common in international politics, where some are denounced and others not, according to the interests motivating the claimant.

We can also say, without a shred of a doubt, that operation Neymar is a clear demonstration that the trial against the Vice-President of Equatorial Guinea in Paris has been nothing more and nothing less than a set-up, a celebrity, self-interested and above all racist farce, as in other much more striking cases, such as the one involving Neymar, nobody denounces anybody. On the contrary, operation Neymar is applauded by some Paris institutions; the same ones who are also trying to win the league in Equatorial Guinea. Something which we shall never permit; neither today, tomorrow or ever, whatever our rivals do.

The league continues to be open, both in terms of football and in the defence of our national principles and our sovereign independence, and we are not going to allow them to score a goal against us, even without signing an international star.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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