Isiolo County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for June 2020

Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification
Biophysical Indicators
▪ June was characterized by minimal cloud cover, long sunny intervals and an onset of strong winds. No rains were received during the period under review.
▪ The county Vegetation Condition was above normal with deterioration from May a signal for poor regeneration during the long rains.
▪ Condition and availability of forage was good to fair, with a steady rate of depletion recorded.
▪ Water availability was on a declining trend as there was no significant recharge during the long rains.
Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)
Production Indicators
▪ Body condition of camel, small stock and cattle was good in all livelihood zones.
▪ Overall milk production slightly declined in all livelihood zones.
Access Indicators
▪ Livestock prices reduced slightly due to impacts of market interruptions associated with outbreak of COVID-19. Food prices stabilized over the period under review. Vegetable prices stabilized prices due to a steady supply.
▪ Household milk consumption was good but reduced slightly over due to reduced production.
Utilization Indicators
▪ Proportion of households with acceptable food consumption reduced significantly as those had poor and borderline consumption stabilized.

Source: Government of Kenya

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