IV C-10 Summit closes with final communique

The Consultation Summit of Heads of State of the Committee of Ten (C-10) Heads of State and of Governments of the African Union on United Nations Security Council reforms has come to a close, with a final communique which sums up the results of the work at the forum.

The President of Sierra Leone, H. E. Ernest Bai Koroma, in his capacity as President Coordinator of the C-10 of the AU, chaired the closing act. In his speech he affirmed that all the countries gathered at the summit spoke with a single voice for the African struggle as the objective of the next UN meeting, and this position is a clear message of the determination of Africa to join the United Nations Security Council.

Bai Koroma also praised the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for the hospitality and perfect organisation of the summit: We are demanding permanent decisive African stability on the Security Council, whether in the permanent or non-permanent category; the result of this meeting provides us with a renewed lesson, as during the twelve years there has not been a great effort. Following this meeting we have renewed hope to achieve our aims”.

The final communique states that the heads of State have evaluated the twelve years of C-10 activities regarding Security Council reform. They have also observed that there is growing support for the common African position from member states, and have placed emphasis on African countries having to remain united regarding the need to reform the body; to speak with a single voice and unequivocally support the common African position, in relation to obtaining two seats in the permanent category, with all their prerogatives and privileges, including the right to veto, and two additional seats in the non-permanent category.

Furthermore, they have expressed their concern regarding the question that the dividend of all the African efforts, together with those of inter-governmental negotiations aimed at promoting an encompassing reform of the Security Council, continue to be minimal, disappointing and frustrating.

In this sense, the C-10 has decided to relaunch a new campaign directed towards the promotion and defence of the common African position.

A report on the recommendations in favour of achieving that new focus will be discussed at the next AU Assembly, in Addis Abeba, in June 2017.

At the summit the following was decided: the Common African Position, enshrined in the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration, as the only viable option to remedy the historical injustice committed against the African continent; the reform of the Security Council must be encompassing and in line with decision 62/557 of the UN General Assembly; an emphasis on the importance of essential commitment with the permanent members of the Security Council; give instructions to C-10 Foreign Ministers in order to prepare a decision proposal on the progressive focus, leading to the promotion of the Common African Position in relation to the progress on reforms to the UN, to be presented at the AU Assembly in June.

The C-10 expressed its sincere appreciation to the President of the Republic, the Government, and the people of Equatorial Guinea, for having held the meetings, in addition to its warm hospitality.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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