IX Meeting of the President of COBAC with CEMAC banking and finance professionals

The President of COBAC and the Governor of BEAC, Abbas Mahamat Tolli, met on Thursday 20th with CEMAC banking and finance professionals, to look at the three main matters covered at the end of work meeting of the Forum for Justice and Banking in CEMAC, which took place in Yamena, the capital of the Republic of Chad.

The work at this meeting for debate and analysis, overseen by Mahamat Tolli, President of COBAC and Governor of BEAC; served to look at the evolution, development and improvement to the banking system, and also jointly promote best practice in the financial sphere at the heart of the economic community of the sub-region.

The matters covered on the last day of the Forum for Justice and Banking in the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) were “liquidity in CEMAC credit institutions”, “operational risk in CEMAC credit institutions”, and “consolidated supervision: the case of BGFIBank Group”.

The current macro-economic context demands more caution in the taking of risks by credit institutions. More than a need, strict compliance with the regulations established by COBAC are the best guarantee of the integrity and robustness of the CEMAC banking system; as financial stability and the capacity for recovery of the banking system in the sub-region are in play”, pointed out Abbas Mahamat Tolli, during his opening speech.

Among the matters brought up by the President of COBAC were liquidity of CEMAC credit institutions, which was presented to the plenary session by the General Secretary of COBAC, Halilou Yerima Boubakary, and the operational risk in CEMAC credit institutions, presented by the Deputy General Secretary of the same institution, Maurice Christian Ouanzin, respectively.

With these matters analysed, Abbas Mahamat Tolli closed the work of the IX annual meeting for dialogue with CEMAC banking and finance professionals, wishing them well in carrying out their duties and a safe return to their places of origin.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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