Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro responds to the CORED

The Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) has responded to the statements made by Raimundo Ela Nsang, criticizing the CAN 2015 and the Head of State.

In a letter published in the website of the PDGE (, the Secretary General has responded to the statements made recently by Raimundo Ela Nsang, of the so-called CORED (Coalition of Opposition for the Restoration of a Democratic State in Equatorial Guinea), who was interviewed by the reporter Adile Farquane, in Tele Sud.

Osa Osa Ecoro begins by warning the media such as Tele Sud to be careful of being deceived by political opportunists such as Ela Nsang, who is completely unknown in Equatorial Guinea, with no type of political past in the country: “As the reporters can easily verify, all the political groups of our country, including the most critical with the Government, have already made previous calls to denounce the lack of content and credibility of this supposed political group purportedly installed in France and called CORED.”

Having made this warning, Osa Osa responds to the criticism made by Ela Nsang against the African Cup of Nations, CAN 2015, and recalls its success, at the level of both organization and popular support: “The people of Equatorial Guinea have carried out an impeccable organization in a record time, something that has been assessed by the coaches and experts in football, beginning with the FIFA itself. The support of the Equatoguinean people of this championship, far from what the opportunist Mr. Ela Nsang says, has been palpable and is easily demonstrated: you only have to see how full all the stadiums were, in all the matches, and not only when the Nzalang Nacional of Equatorial Guinea played.”

In this same way, Ecoro rejects the analysis of Ela Nsang, according to which the incidents provoked by some young people in the championship are a sign of social discontent: “It would really be stupid to confuse what are some merely sports events with a type of political uprising. Some young people who were seeking tickets in the headquarters of the PDGE, and who were left without being able to access the premises, showed their anger at that moment and in these offices, as they might have done anyplace. And with respect to the incidents in the semifinal against Ghana, it is evident that it also deals with one of so many altercations that occur in the football stadium these days.”

-“The authentic Equatoguineans are more than fed up with this type of freeloading persons who pretend to get by in the worst of ways, even betraying their country,” stated Osa Osa Ecoro in reference to Raimundo Ela Nsang. “Persons like Raimundo Ela Nsang, by criticizing the Head of State and Founding President of the PDGE, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, far from seeking the wellbeing of Equatorial Guinea, have as their only intentions to see their own country embroiled in chaos and in internal rivalries. However, from the PDGE, and from any level of the authentic Equatorial Guinea, we advise them that their actions are completely useless, when our country advances, with success after success, such as that of the CAN 2015; or with the fact that our President is one of the essential men in Africa,” finally stated the Secretary General.

Source: Press Office of the PDGE

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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