Journalist Lucia Asue Mbomio publishes “Those who dared”

“There was a time in which there were no words to name concepts that did not exist, as neither did the reality they belonged to exist. Or maybe, but only a little. And from that little emerged meetings, relations, clashes, surprises, rejections and sons and daughters”.

The Hispanoguinean Lucia Asue Mbomio Rubio -who currently combines her work as a journalist with teaching a social activism- is a Graduate in Journalism, and has just published her first book with the publisher Sial Pigmalion, called “Those who dared”. The book, which has a cover designed by the Equatoguinean illustrator Lydia Mba, was presented on 24th May at the Mamah Africa gallery, in Madrid.

This young author, at just 35 years old, the daughter of Jose Mbomio Nsue (Ayeguening, Niefang) and Sofia Rubio Casado (Segovia), has spent the majority of her career working for Television EspaAola, combining her journalist work with appearances on “EspaAoles por el mundo” and “Aqui la Tierra”, but she has also worked for Equatorial Guinea Television, with various reports -always of a social nature- on HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy, or the empowerment of people with functional diversity.

The book presents six interviews with white Spanish women who married, got together with and/or had offspring with black men when Francoism was still dominant in Spain, in order to rescue from the silence, with humour and love, their untold stories. The narrative distils truth and innocence, that of the young women at odds with the incomprehension of their families in the past, and later with a disregard for the stories of their lives. They also distil courage, as they were brave enough to stand firm, too often alone, with the weight of their decisions firmly gripped. We create terms to enclose and categorise free human actions which are as old as the world, we speak of mixed, inter or multi-cultural couples when, for their children, their parents are only dad and mum.

…And, without doubt, those who fifty or thirty years ago dared to cross the barrier, to break the taboo, to fall in love with a person without worrying too much about their colour or origins, deserve this tribute from Lucia AsuAe Mbomio, because their stories have not been told before, as they remained within the realm of the private and intimate.

Soon, and as part of the Madrid Book Fair, the author will be present to sign copies on two of the stands:

Stand 281 (Sial Pigmalion)

Sunday 28th May: 17:30-21:30

Thursday 1st June: 18:00-21:30

Stand 94 (Mujeres y CompaAia)

Monday 5th June at 19:00

On 3rd June she will also visit the United Minds ( cultural space in Valencia, where in addition to promoting her book, she will show the documentary “You are at home”, which she filmed in San Basilio de Palenque (Colombia), the first free town in America founded by slaves who managed to escape, which features the Equatoguinean artist Gorsy EdA�, and her search for the African footprint still present in the area. Both activities take place in response to the need to transform narratives, preventing others from speaking for us, and telling our own stories.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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