Journalists from Poto Poto in the Continental Region visit Kogo

Reporters from the Poto Poto newspaper, accompanied by their regional director, Deogracias Abeso Ndong, whose staff belong to the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio, have visited the city of Kogo, in the Litoral Province.

The main aim of the visit was to explain and clarify to authorities in Kogo the importance of the media, in the world in general, and in Equatorial Guinea, in particular.

The director of Poto Poto, Deogracias Abeso Ndong, in his appeal, pointed out that, at present, it can be seen that the attention of the average citizen is focussed on the televised press. He also recalled that the policy of the Ministry for Information revolves around five areas: radio, TV, the A�bano and Poto Poto newspapers, IEC Abogacia, and the digital press: the Government of Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page.

He also asked authorities to value the work and role of the written press, and recommended that they serve as a multiplier for the population resident in Kogo.

After holding this meeting, the Poto Poto team distributed the newspaper to the inhabitants of the regional enclave.

Abeso Ndong declared that this work will continue in all districts and outlying areas of the Continental Region, through talks and conferences, with the aim of informing the population regarding the importance of the written press.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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