Launch of African Vaccination Week

On Monday 7th may, in Malabo, the Equatorial Guinea Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Solomon Nguema Owono, oversaw the launch of African Vaccination Week, in association with the WHO and UNICEF.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is celebrating its 8th edition on a continental level of African Vaccination Week. Salomon Nguema Owono oversaw the launch event, which was attended by representatives from the WHO, Rosa Maria Soares, and UNICEF, Antero Almeida de Pina.

During the ceremony, the Minister for Health said that it was an opportunity for members of the United Nations to focus their joint efforts to guarantee quality and performance to the Extended Immunisation Programme, and face challenges to increasing the cover of vaccination.

Other aspects highlighted by the minister included the strengthening of the strategy of progress, the implication of the benefits for all Government partners, the support of international cooperation, the private sector and the community itself, and the means to guarantee better management of the EPI supply chain, in order to achieve immunisation targets.

During the ceremony the new mascot for the Extended Programme was officially presented, with the technical support of UNICEF and theatre performances by vaccination agencies of their daily activities, together with the presentation of the new mascot’s song by a group of girls, supervised by the famous Equatoguinean artist Nelida Karr.

Taking part in the ceremony were various members of the Government, the Governor of the Province of Bioko Norte, Government delegates from Bioko Norte and Bioko Sur, and mayors from urban districts, presidents of neighbourhood communities, local leaders, NGO representatives and journalists.

Equatorial Guinea is one of the few countries on the African continent that purchases vaccines under the Extended Immunisation Programme using its own funds.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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