Launch of Early Diagnosis of Cervical-Uterine Cancer Project

On 26th May, at the Doctor Damian Roku Epitie Monanga Hospital in Bata, the official launch took place for the Early Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Cervical-Uterine Cancer Project.

The Managing Director of the Bata Regional Hospital, Diosdado Abaga MaAana, representing the Minister for Health and Social Welfare, oversaw the launch ceremony for the project.

In accordance with protocol, the first to speak was doctor Alfonso Obiang Nsue Ada, representing the National Director for Reproductive Health, who pointed out that this programme was signed in November 2016 by the Ministry for Health with partners from national companies GePetrol, Noble Energy, and the Ministry for Mines and Hydrocarbons. The programme began its preparatory activities with a training workshop on Visual Inspection using Acetic Acid and Thermal Clotting, in February 2017.

The level of information among the population regarding this type of cancer is still very low, with a high possibility of rapid progression of pre-cancerous lesions before a prevalence of 6.07% of the human papilloma virus, and 6.2% HIV. Hence the opportunity of the National Programme for Reproductive Health from the Ministry for Health, which has begun the project’s operational activities.

For his part, the project’s technical expert, doctor Manuel Ondo Oyono, underlined that cervical-uterine cancer is an preventable sexually transmitted infection, and continues to be a health issue on a global level, above all in developing countries, where 530,000 new cases are diagnosed annually, and it results in 270,000 deaths.

As a response to this situation, and to guarantee universal access to sexual health services, the Government has set up a programme of reproductive health with the intention of preventing and eliminating this type of cancer.

The event closed with practical sessions in the Detection Surgery at the Bata Regional Hospital.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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