Launch of Equatorial Guinea National Page for Summarised Data

On 28th May, the Director General of the Equatorial Guinea National Statistics Institute, Ricardo Nsue Ndemesogo, oversaw the launch of the Equatorial Guinea National Page for Summarised Data, which will serve as a single window for accessing official data. It will contain information which has previously been published on other web sites.

The launch, which was attended by the Representative from the International Monetary Fund, Christian Henn, began with a speech from the IMF Representative, in which he congratulated the Government of Equatorial Guinea and the technicians from MHEP, BEAC and INEGE who were involved in the essential work prior to the launch of the page. With this launch, Equatorial Guinea meets the Enhanced General Data Dissemination System, e-GDDS.

Henn concluded by once again congratulating the Government and esteemed colleagues from MHEP, BEAC and INEGE for their valuable work.

After the speech from Christian Henn, the Director General of INEGE also spoke and outlined the content of the National Data Page, a portal which consolidates and disseminates all the essential statistical data from the country in a single place, and allows access to the sources of the data via links.

He also pointed out that the page has been authorised by the Minister for Finance, the Economy and Planning, Cesar Mba Abogo, through Ministerial Order number 2/2019, of 20th May, creating a committee to be responsible for the monitoring and updating of the page.

The ceremony concluded with a showing of the page by the INEGE Head of ICT Services and Dissemination, A�scar Nguema Elo.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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