Launch workshop for Diagnostics in the Education sector

On 30th November, at the Hilton Hotel in Malabo, a launch Workshop for Diagnostics in the Education sector in Equatorial Guinea was launched, organised by the World Bank and the Ministry for the Economy, Planning and Public Investment, which was attended by both figures from the education sector and Government personnel. The entire contents are included below.

The aim of the workshop was to reveal the diagnostics for the education sector in order to begin a dialogue with the Government which could lead to financial and technical support from the World Bank, to educational policies and programmes in Equatorial Guinea that will allow the achievement of the aims set by the Government for quality teaching.

The sessions began with the opening by ministers from the Economy, Planning and Public Investment, and Education and Sciences, who declared the importance of education for a country and its state of well-being.

The meeting continued with a presentation on the main results and recommendations of the study. Then groups were formed by area, in order to look more closely at priority questions, in order for each group to present conclusions and recommendations.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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