Launch workshop for Monitoring project for Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa

On Friday 12th July, the Vice-minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Forests and the Environment, Santiago Francisco Engonga Esono, opened the seminar launch workshop for the “Monitoring of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa”, with the intention of strengthening the capacities of the technicians who are members of the consortium, in order to raise the level of knowledge and initiate a system of alerts in the monitoring of ecosystems regarding legal interventions.

The ceremony took place in the meeting room at the Angue Ondo Hotel, where in his speech the Vice-Minister for Agriculture pointed out the importance of the workshop and reaffirmed the project of observation from space of the forests in the Congo Basin, which is the second largest forest mass in the world, after the Amazon.

The Management and Monitoring Project for Ecosystems for Environmental Services and Security in Africa is an initiative that is contributing to the countryside in the African Union (UA) and is based on existing projects on the continent which have created intellectual capabilities and infrastructures in the use of observation applications for the earth, in order to improve decision-making in environmental management.

During the seminar, there will be other presentations on the goals of the SEFAC project, presentations by AGEOA and INCOMA, in which the aims, activities and duration of the projects will be outlined.

After the seminar, a final communique will be drawn up once the corresponding debates have taken place.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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