Lovers of plants and flowers never age – Director, Parks and Gardens

Mr Emmanuel Agbebianu, the Acting Volta Regional Director, Department of Parks and Gardens, says lovers of plants and flowers always live healthily and never grow old.

Referring to the adage ‘green is life and green is nature,’ he said once a person decided to initiate something that added up to greening the environment, they were also prolonging their lifespan.

‘One thing many people don’t know in our part of the world is that people who love trees and flowers don’t grow old,’ Mr Agbebianu said.

‘The tree is green, the flowers too are green in nature, so anybody who has something to do with greening the environment, they don’t grow old rather they look young and healthy, adding more years to their lives.’

Humans could derive lots of benefits from ensuring the greening of the environment, however, people in our part of the world turned to focus on other artificial means for achieving a healthy life, when all they needed was to plant trees and flowers, he said.

He encouraged the public ‘to cultivate the habit of growing trees and flowers for a healthy life,’ which would also contribute to the Green Agenda.

Source: Ghana News Agency