Malabo hosts 33rd Ordinary Session of UEAC Council of Ministers

The preparatory meeting for the work of the experts at the 33rd Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers from the Central Africa Economic Union (UEAC), which aims to strengthen regional integration in order to transform the economies of CEMAC countries.

The act was overseen by the Vice-President of the CEMAC Commission, Fatima Harama Acyl. The 33rd Session will be held on 23rd October at the Sipopo International Conference Centre in Malabo, under the banner “Strengthening regional integration for the transformation the economies of CEMAC countries”, a session that will be mainly dedicated to the budgets for institutions, bodies, specialist institutions and executing agencies in the subregion.

As a prelude to the Council of Ministers, the work of the experts and members of the Interstate Committee began on 17th October in one of the meeting rooms in the Sipopo Palace of Conferences.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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