Mass to mark International Labour Day at Bata Cathedral

To mark 1st May, International Labour Day, the Bishop of the Diocese of Bata, Monsignor Juan Mitogo Oyana, aided by other members of the clergy, said a thanksgiving mass at the Church Cathedral in Bata.

The Eucharistic celebration was joined by the choir of religious-Catholic praise Ntonobe, singing in both Fang and Spanish. Sermon focussed on the first reading of Genesis told in the story of Saint Joseph the Worker.

The group of workers present in the church presented various offerings and gifts before the altar.

The religious ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister from the Ministry for Work, Employment Promotion and Social Security, Alfredo Mitogo Mitogo Ada; the Secretary of State and Regional Delegate from the same ministry, Honorato Asama Ntugu and Luis Ndong Nguere, and various authorities.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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