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May Day, oh! those good days of CDC

The Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) has been reported over the years to have provided employment to thousands of both young and aged men not leaving out women and children who served as cooks, cleaners, and nurses in Camp hospitals as well as help with the transportation of products from the areas of harvest. CDC workers say they have been abandoned by the authorities especially those still living in the camps. The workers say they cannot enjoy the sweet labor day celebration as before.

These Workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation CDC say they no longer make merry and dance to labor day celebrations compared to the previous years.

“After a colorful march past at the Manga Williams Avenue Limbe, we the workers use to meet at SS club in Bota for part two of the celebrations. I mean back in the days of early 2017. I cannot say the same now in 2023 because the present workers are scared of what is happening in Cameroon now” Mr. Paul Hakim ex CDC worker.

” Labour Day especially in CDC camps back in the day could be compared to Christmas itself. Our wives use to cook serious good meals and treat us like kings for our hard work. I mean we use to really merry and feel comfortable moving around. Today we are all home. That incident that led to the abduction of 8 of our colleagues really dealt with us. The little courage we use to have all disappeared. We have children and wives to be fathers and husbands to” Mr. Yannick Njie a current CDC worker.

“We go without salaries for years, we have been totally abandoned. If the government can really revive CDC, I think everything will get back to normal. Our sons are angry because of reasons which are true but only a peaceful dialogue can solve” Mr. Peter Njoki.

The workers say, there is no completely happy and peaceful Southwest region without a peaceful and orderly well kept CDC.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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