Meeting at Embassy in Rabat with graduate university students

Several Equatorial Guinea students studying in various universities in Morocco are returning to the country with their corresponding qualifications.

The Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Morocco organised a meeting with the finalist students, who went to present to the diplomatic and consular authorities at this diplomatic mission in Rabat their corresponding university qualifications.

Following a minute’s silence in memory of the deceased students, and the presentation of a motion by a finalist student, the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Morocco, Crisantos Obama Ondo, accompanied by his closest collaborators, expressed congratulations in the name of the Government of Equatorial Guinea, for their bravery, courage, determination and spirit of sacrifice, shown over several years at universities in Morocco.

Obama Ondo reminded the students that they had overcome an important phase in their lives and for our country, before stressing that university education is today essential in order to promote the development of the people, and for the Government of Equatorial Guinea it is a priority to train and continue to train human resources capable of providing an effective response to the challenges of the times. We are a country with an open economy with great potential, which means for any Equatoguinean an opportunity to develop their capacities”, he stated.

He also pointed out the need to change the exclusive focus on the search for a job to greater efforts in entrepreneurship and the creation of associations, in order to increase national productivity, taking into account the global framework and our particular situation.

After presenting an envelope with support in cash in order to pay the excess baggage costs on the plane, he wished them a merry Christmas and happy New Year 2018.

The ambassador was accompanied during the meeting by the adviser Lucrecia Mpa Sipaco, the attache Joaquin Ndong Nve, and the consular attache and first secretary, Anadeo Efa Mba.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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