Meeting at Ministry for Culture on Tourist Visa Online National Office

This meeting served to present to the Ministry for Culture the route map for the installation of the Tourist Visa Online National Office, by the company Seva.

Rufino Ndong Esono, Minister for Culture, in his office on 23rd October, and assisted by the Vice-Minister, Prudencio Botey Sobole, received in his office various Secretaries of State and director generals, to debate and reach conclusions on the execution of the office.

The minister began the meeting by thanking the entrepreneurs for responding to the invitation, and reminding them that the initiative is not only by the ministry, but by the State, as the Presidential Decree at the time entrusted Seva with the creation of a Tourist Visa National Office.

Furthermore, he asked them for data on the place of installation of the office, and how it would affect costs, in order that at the start of 2019 the tourist visa would be a reality.

The entrepreneurs provided information on the route map for the creation of the office.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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