Meeting between Ambassador Matute Tang and director of Saudi Development Fund

On 8th October, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Pedro Matute Tang, was received by the vice-president and director general of the Saudi Development Fund, Yousef Al Bassam, accompanied by Mohammed Al Dalila, Economic Adviser and head of operations for the fund.

At the meeting they dealt with matters regarding the financing of projects in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and the mechanisms and conditions for obtaining financing for Equatorial Guinea projects.

Yousef Al Bassam stressed that Equatorial Guinea is the only country that does not have a a file of financing requests with the institution, and for that reason it would be highly appropriate to present some that had already been carefully studied. The fund is hoping that Equatorial Guinea presents something for financing as soon as possible.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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