Meeting between Government Delegate for Bata and presidents of people’s councils and neighbourhood communities

At the meeting held on Friday 21st December, at the Palace of International Congresses and Conferences in Ngolo, they dealt with matters relating to the maintenance of peace in Equatorial Guinea, the consumption of alcohol during the Christmas and New year festivities, the prohibition of the sale of medicines in the street, and awareness-raising regarding the importance of wood.

“Everyone must collaborate with the Government with respect to the maintenance of peace; without that we can do nothing”, stated the Government Delegate for Bata, Nve Ondo Oye, who drew the population’s attention to the consumption of alcohol, to promote responsible consumption during this period.

Continuing with his speech, the Government Delegate declared that”medicines can cause undesired effects when they are not kept in adequate places; for that reason, chiefs from the department of Health advise that pharmaceuticals on display in the open air are not used”.

Furthermore, Ondo Oye introduced to the meeting a group of expatriates from Mali who live in our country, and who have formed an organisation with the aim of working with the Government in keeping the peace. The organisation has appointed four people who will work on the development of activities in the four urban districts of Bata.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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