Meeting between Minister for Education and president of the UNESCO General Conference

Following her arrival in Malabo on the morning of 28th March, on 29th the president of the UNESCO General Conference, Zohour Alaoui, went to the Ministry for Education to speak to the departmental head, JesA�s Engonga, about education, training and culture.

JesA�s Engonga Ndong received Zohour Alaoui in his office, in a meeting which was attended by some members from other ministerial departments.

The Minister said that UNESCO’s willingness to cooperate was very welcome, since Equatorial Guinea has been a member of UNESCO, it has lent a hand in various activities”.

Zohour Alaoui also declared her willingness to collaborate, and expressed gratitude for the hospitality received.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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