Meeting between the ambassadors of Equatorial Guinea and France in Morocco

On Thursday 20th July in Rabat there was a meeting between the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador, Crisantos Obama Ondo, and the Ambassador from France, Jean-Francois Girault, both accredited in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The meeting served as an occasion for the two diplomats to speak about various current world and African issues, and to review the framework of the relations of friendship and cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and France.

Then, the two diplomats exchanged points of view regarding the socio-political and economic context of Morocco, together with opportunities for cooperation, and highlighted the strategic importance of the country for the African continent.

After congratulating his French counterpart on the recent celebration of the French National Day, on 14th July 2017, Obama Ondo declared the interest of the Government of Equatorial Guinea in maintaining excellent relations of friendship and cooperation with France, despite the unorthodox work by Transparency France and Sherpa, two ONGs interested in muddying these relations for their own interests.

After recognising the professional capacities of the French judges, and in the pursuit of legitimacy and judicial coherence, Obama Ondo told Jean-Francois Girault of the need to respect the values of the French Republic, international conventions, and the relations of friendship uniting the two countries.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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