Meeting between Turkish Foreign Minister and Ambassador in Ankara

The relations of friendship and cooperation between the peoples and governments of Malabo and Ankara were strengthened during the meeting that the Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mesvut Covusoglut, held with the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador, Moises Mba Nchama.

The organigram at the Turkish Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not foresee meetings between the minister and African ambassadors, as the task is assigned to the Director General for Africa, but the importance of the questions included on the agenda of Ambassador Mba Nchama allowed him to hold this working session with the head of Turkish diplomacy, who put forward questions such as the need for regular exchanges of senior level visits.

The two diplomats declared the willingness to carry out projects and programmes of socio-political, economic and cultural interest, aimed at strengthening relations between the two peoples and governments.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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