Meeting between Vice-Minister for Education and Malabo educational centres

After observing an increase in juvenile delinquency affecting our society, the Vice-Minister for Education and Science, Maria JesA�s Ncara Owono, deemed it necessary to hold a meeting, on 20th March, with heads from the Primary and Secondary educational centres, to ask them to control their students in the classrooms.

The meeting took place in the meeting room at the Ministry for Education and Science, where Maria JesA�s Ncara Owono, in addition to congratulating the centre heads for the work done during the first term of the academic year, also expressed her concern at seeing that the participants in the increase in delinquency are teenagers. For that reason, she pointed out to the heads of the schools some mechanisms to fight against it.

She also asked teachers to prevent students from coming into the classroom drunk or with sharp objects.

The Vice-Minister concluded the meeting by inviting teachers to continue contributing towards improvements in the education sector.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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