Meeting for new Director General for Craft Fishing

The Director of Craft Fishing and Fish Farming, Judit Nfono Nchama, met groups of fishermen, independent fishermen and fresh, smoked and salted fish sellers, to report on the resolutions adopted by the ministry.

The meeting took place on Tuesday 28th August in the meeting room at the ministry, and was attended by the Director General of the Badeo Project and the general inspector from the department.

At the meeting they spoke about the importance of formalising and legalising the fishing groups, the new working methodology, and the seminar which is expected to be held in the near future.

Judit Nfono Nchama, regarding these points, broke down each one, and called for collaboration, a willing attitude, and compliance with the regulations for the successful operation of the department.

Furthermore, the seminar which is expected to be organised soon and which will last three days, will identify the problems of the fishermen and the type of fishing materials they need, among other matters which will improve production.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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