Meeting held in Bata by UNGE Rector

On 16th May, the amphitheatre at the Faculty of Health Sciences was the place where the Magnificent Rector of the National University of Equatorial Guinea, Filiberto Ntutumu Nguema Nchama, held a meeting with the delegates, sub-delegates and secretaries from the various faculties on the Bata University Campus.

This was the first meeting held by Ntutumu Nguema on a campus level in Bata in 2017

The rector began his speech by clarifying various issues relating to the university institution itself, which he defined as “a millennial institution which goes back to ancient times; it is also a moral centre, rich in experience in the training and education of humans; it is also the top institution for academic education in a country which awards human capital, because above the university there is no other academic education centre in a country, due to a particular profession which provides the faculty to exercise this career in the area of a science, obtain academic qualifications, the levels of which may be various: graduate, doctor, master, etc.”.

Going on with his speech, Ntumutu defined other aspects related to the university student, the transmission of knowledge, the evaluation of teachers, and the difference between public and private universities.

“The public university is that which is being financially supported by the general budget spending of the State, and a private university is that which produces its own resources, in addition to the donations received from institutions; that is, they manage their own budgets in order to make the university work well”.

The reflections of Ntutumu were the object of debates, suggestions and requests from the university body, with the hope of improving the operation of the institution.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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