Meeting of CEEAC Communication Ministers

On Friday 1st march, the CEEAC (Economic Community of Central African States) Telecommunications Ministers met at the International Conference Centre in Kintele, in Congo Brazzaville, in order to adopt an action plan for the deployment of electronic communications infrastructures in Central Africa. An Equatoguinean delegation led by the adviser to the diplomatic mission, Rafael Mba Esangui, took part in the debates.

The Prime Minister and Head of the Government of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville, Clement Mouamba, oversaw the opening of the work of this ministerial meeting, in representation of the President of the Republic, H. E. Denis Sassou Nguesso, under the banner “The digital revolution, hope for our continent”.

The first speech was by the CEEAC Deputy General Secretary, who presented a diagnosis based on the telecommunications sector and validated in 2008 in N’Djamena, at the Head of States’ Summit, which launched the plan for the deployment of electronic communications infrastructures.

The Minister for the Postal Service, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy in Congo Brazzaville, Leon Juste Ibombo, in his capacity as president of the conference, wished those present a happy stay in Congo during the visit.

Furthermore, Clement Mouamba recognised that the meeting of experts had the mission to study and evaluate projects within the framework of harmonisation with national policies and regularisation in the telecommunications sector. In addition, he highlighted the policy in the telecommunications sector of President H. E. Denis Sassou Nguesso, inviting those present to report to their respective Governments on the advantages of the project for the African community.

After the meeting, those present met behind closed doors to debate in depth the issues at the meeting.

The Government of Equatorial Guinea was present at the debates, represented by the adviser to the Equatorial Guinea diplomatic mission in Congo Brazzaville, Rafael Mba Esangui Nchama, accompanied by the technicians and experts sent by the Ministry for Telecommunications. Mba Esangui signed the final communique from the meeting.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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