Meeting of CEMAC Commissioner with accredited diplomatic corps in Congo Brazzaville

The Commissioner from the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC). Charged with the Common Market, Michel Niama, met the diplomatic corps from the subregion and some accredited monetary institutions in the Republic of Congo.

The headquarters of the Central African States Development Bank (BDEAC) was the setting for the meeting. In addition to introducing himself before the collective, the CEMAC commissioner reported to those present on the tour he is carrying out in the community so that products manufactured in the CEMAC zone can be sold in all the countries in Central Africa, as this is the current will of the Heads of State.

He also pointed out to the heads of the diplomatic missions of CEMAC with accreditation in Congo Brazzaville the challenges faced by the community with respect to the common market, the lack of product unification and the misinformation among citizens in the zone, as some of the most critical problems at this time.

The CEMAC commissioner, Michel Naima, underlined the fact that products manufactured in the zone must a priori be exported and sold in various markets in Central Africa. To bring this about, he invited the diplomats to recognise that the region has huge potential with respect to resources, and many are being transformed in order to then be sold.

Some heads of diplomatic missions from the CEMAC zone, among them the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Congo Brazzaville, Samuel Ateba Owono Iyanga, declared that a common market without safe transport of respect for customs quotas would not guarantee the interconnection of markets in order that products manufactured in one State could be sold in the CEMAC zone at moderate prices.

Furthermore, the ambassadors expressed their concern regarding the lack of patents for some products manufactured in the CEMAC zone.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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