Meeting of Foreign Affairs Executive Board

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has held its third Executive Council of 2020. Overseen by its chief, Simeón Oyono Esono, at its headquarters in Malabo II, the members of the Government, advisers, Ambassadors in the diplomatic corps and senior officials adopted the draft decree for protocol precedence.

They also looked at the draft law to update and harmonise the admission conditions for diplomatic franchise in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, for presentation to higher bodies; in addition to the diagnosis of the behaviour of the sources of income for the ministerial department.

At this diplomatic conclave, they also debated the presentation of the activation project for the official ministry website, the computerisation and interconnection of diplomatic missions abroad to the national electronic government, and reports on the latest visit to Equatorial Guinea by the United Nations Anti-terrorism Committee.

Through the draft decree for protocol precedence, the aim is to establish a regime for ordering positions and public bodies in official ceremonies and events, without giving them more honour or hierarchy than they have or implying any modification to rank, powers or functions recognised or attributed through legal provision.

The draft law on the admission of diplomatic franchise aims at regulating both the import and export of articles under diplomatic franchise, from a strictly functional criteria, in accordance with the conventions of Vienna of 1961 and 1963, on diplomatic and consular relations, and in correlation with the CEMAC Customs Code.

The computerisation of the Foreign Ministry headquarters and interconnection with all diplomatic missions abroad to the national electronic government, mainly includes the incorporation of institutional emails, equipment technology and free internet, internal database, videoconference systems, the digitalisation of visa applications and civil registries, and the training of press attaches in the operation of the new technologies.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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