Meeting of GITGE Administrative Council

Under the direction of the president of the administrative council of the institution, Celestino Bonifacio Bacale Obiang, nine points were analysed on the agenda for the meeting, which took place on Thursday 20th April, at the GITGE headquarters in Malabo II.

Members of the Administrative Council of Equatorial Guinea Telecommunications Infrastructure Management (GITGE), met under the direction of the president of the council, Celestino Bonifacio Bacale Obiang, to study various proposals, and to look at the progress made and degree of compliance for work by the institution.

The points covered were a reading of the agenda; the approval of amendments to the statutes and internal regulations; a report on the management and degree of compliance with agreements from previous meetings; recent events regarding the bank accounts; information regarding the meeting held with operators with respect to the granting of 30% of the bandwidth capacity to operators; events regarding cables CIBA II, SAIL, ANNOBA�N; the pay scale for personnel; the state of the network connection between companies and the State, and any other business.

During the meeting, which lasted for around two hours, they also looked at other matters, such as the new APPNEO contract, and the transfer of responsibilities within the institution, among others.

This meeting was the first held by the administrative council this year. It was attended by the deputy director general, A�scar Ondo Ngomo Nchama, together with other figures.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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