Meeting of PDGE Workers’ Organisation

The Workers’ Organisation of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), has declared the need for a recovery in the private sector and the creation of employment for Equatoguineans, at the first meeting following the IV PDGE Ordinary National Congress, held in the city of Bata, from 4th to 6th July.

Its coordinator general, Justino Nchama Ondo, recalled this at a meeting held in Malabo, in which he asked members to work with responsibility, taking into account that the final reports will be sent to the upper echelons of the party.

Nchama Ondo, who announced the creation of a commission to review labour law and introduce some improvements, pointed out that one of the aims was the implementation of agribusiness and agriculture development, in general.

In conclusion, the Coordinator General of the specialist Workers’ Organisation of the PDGE indicated that, in line with the situation affecting the population, “our party must review its employment policies in order to satisfy both the investor and the native worker”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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