Meeting of Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights

The Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights, led by Silvestre Siale Bielka, under the supervision of the President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono, is continuing with its study of the Draft Family Code Law in order to legislate on aspects linked to the socio-cultural realities in the country, in order to guarantee coexistence with equality of conditions and peace within the framework of mutual respect.

The debates on the study of the Draft Family Code Law began following a reading of article 26 on the civil ineffectiveness of engagements, together with the circumstances that affect their ineffectiveness, such as the existence of violence or fear, volitional or cognitive incapacity and absolute or relative powerlessness, provided that the defect is incurable in nature and prior to matrimony.

Within the framework of the analysis of some articles, Efua Asangono used the occasion to report the reprogramming of the III National Economic Conference, which is to be held in the near future, and recommended that senators carry out a careful review of the document recently submitted to the institution, in order that each one chooses the commission in which best to work for the successful development of the conference.

Efua Asangono, at another moment in her words, asked members of the commission to carefully review the matter of polygamous marriage, as it would be legislated on for future generations, while she reminded them that the aim of all legal tools is to regulate social harmony, and thus aspects which are harmful for society should not be included in the document. She also lamented the increase in cases of delinquency, and in particular the rapes recorded in the country.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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