Meeting of Senate Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights

The Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights, overseen by senator Silvestre Siale Bileka, and moderated by the President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono, began its working session on 12th February with a study of the Draft law on the Family Code.

This is a legal initiative from the Senate, with the aim of regulating all types of marriage in our country, taking into account that the current Civil Code does not cover all our socio-cultural norms, and does not adequately separate questions relating to traditional marriage and the organisation of the family within the various ethnic groups in the country, when Basic Law recognises all types of marriage.

The current code sets out the legal framework for the family, and as a consequence regulates the relations of its members to society and State bodies, indicating that the rights and responsibilities regulated by the code do not exclude those granted or imposed by other laws in special matters and family solidarity.

The study of this legal tool began with a reading of it by the secretaries of the commission, Martin Crisantos Ebee Mba and Jose Domingo Ndong Bacale. There followed a session for speaking, which facilitated long, intense debating due to the interest aroused by the draft law.

During the speeches, various senators presented amendments and contributions aimed at enriching the text, and as a result of the size of the draft law in question, a sub-commission of rapporteurs was created, which will be responsible for abridging and adjusting the legal text, which has a total of one hundred and twenty-six pages.

The debates on this day focussed on articles, one, two, three and four, which refer to the objective of the code, the concept and protection of the family and its main principles, on which the parliamentarians debated fully and in detail.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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