Meeting of the Ad-Hoc Senate Commission

The members of the commission are meeting to study the preliminary form of the Road Transport Project.

To carry out a preliminary study of the draft Law on Road Transport, while awaiting the verdict of the Chamber of Deputies, who are currently analysing the document during its first reading, was the aim of the meeting held on 5th September by the Ad-Hoc Commission, moderated by the senator Demetrio Elo Ndong Nsefum, assisted by the senators Jaime Ela Ndong and Alejandro Envoro Ovono Angue, among other members of the table.

To have a suitable, enriched document, both in form and substance, is the aim of the institution. This preliminary study by the commission is in order to become familiar with the file, and later submit it for consideration by the Senate plenary session.

The draft law drawn aims to regulate road transport throughout the nation, in order to create an efficient coordinated transport system which adequately covers the need for mobility of users, and favours the development of private initiative, within an atmosphere of the free market.

During the study and analysis of the proposal, the members of the commission presented contributions and amendments in order to improve and enrich the document, regarding both form and substance, for subsequent submission for consideration by the Senate table for the corresponding procedure.

The proposal contains an explanatory memorandum which highlights modernisation and an improvement to the infrastructures and networks of roads through the nation, which have implied a qualitative leap for the development of land transport services in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Along these lines, the Government has considered the opportunity to introduce greater dynamism in the sector, with the adoption of a regulatory framework on the behaviour and conduct of users of the road network, together with the conditions for access to operate in transport, with greater administrative control over the sector.

The document has thirty-five pages, various chapters, articles, an additional provision, a repeal provision and a final provision, and empowers the Ministry for Transport, through the General Directorate for Transport, to oversee the adequate management of the transport system in coordination with other ministerial departments, and to seek mechanisms which facilitate the existence of spaces for coordination and dialogue.

The Government may suspend, prohibit or fully or partially restrict, for the time deemed necessary, the execution of any transport services or activities under this draft law, whether public or private.

Source: Senate Press Office

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