Meeting of the Social Affairs Delegate in Bata

A meeting was held at the Ngolo Palace of Conferences between the District Delegate for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Mari Carmen Nzang, and a group of women from the city.

“We have kept our word as always, to support, foster and adhere to all Government events”, said the district delegate, which held this meeting to congratulate the female contingent in the district of Bata, for the reception they provided for the presidential couple on their recent State Tour, and for the celebrations of 8th March, International Day of the Working Woman.

The district delegate invited the women to take part in the municipal, legislative and senate elections, which from now until the election dates will be taking place throughout the nation.

In the name of the Ministry for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, she asked them to draw up the corresponding list of groups to that end.

The meeting concluded with various speeches by those present.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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