Meeting on the Evinayong Urban Plan

The Minister for Town Planning, Reginaldo Asu Mangue, has met with bosses from the company Atland Global, led by the managing director, the architect Francisco Mendrano Sanchez. During the meeting, which took place in the administrative city of Djibloho, the Evinayong General Plan for Urban Development was presented.

Senior architects from Equatorial Guinea and bosses from the company Atland Global attended the meeting to debate the urban development plan for the city of Evinayong, capital of the Centro Sur province.

Also present at the meeting was the Minister for Town Planning, Reginaldo Asu Mangu; the Minister for Youth and Sports, Andres Jorge Mbomio Nsem, in his capacity as president of the Evinayong Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) Monitoring Commission; the Governor of Centro Sur; the Mayoress of Evinayong, and the director generals of Town Planning.

They all looked over the urban development plans for the provincial capital, within the context of the ambitious plan set out by the Government of Equatorial Guinea under Horizonte 2020, with the aim of extending similar reforms to all the district capitals within the nation.

For his part, Francisco Medrano referred to the importance of this general plan, and the successive phases it may go through until completion.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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