Meeting to create swimming club in Malabo

A senior delegation from the Santa Perpetua Swimming Club went to Malabo, in order to negotiate collaboration agreements with the Ministry for Youth and Sports in relation to swimming. This collaboration has as its main elements the creation of a club and assistance for the club and the ministry, in order to develop this area of sport.

The senior delegation, made up of RaA�l Franco, Jose Ramon Esteves-Garcia and Ricardo Esteves-Garcia Capote, president, vice-president and representatives of the Santa Perpetua Club, respectively, went to Malabo to meet Josue Esono EdA�, Director General for Sports, and present their collaboration proposal with the department, in order to promote swimming in Equatorial Guinea.

The areas of collaboration discussed cover areas of sports, training, and assistance, both at a club level and at the General Directorate for Sports level.

This collaboration will initially result in the joint creation -with Equatoguinean swimmers and staff- of a subsidiary of the parent club, located in Santa Perpetua, Barcelona (Spain), which has almost 50 years’ experience in the world of swimming, with its current president having been a member of the club 27 years ago, and its vice-president is Equatoguinean.

This experience guarantees both technical and sporting aspects, as they have had the privilege to train a Spanish champion.

Once the constitution of the Santa Perpetua-Malabo Club is drawn up, which is expected to be completed next week, the plan will move on to the organisation of sports and training courses for the national experts, together with administrative and management courses, not only managing to introduce the first group of specialist experts in this area, but also with the ambition of achieving the financial sustainability of the club, with the aim of making it an example of sports management, a benchmark club for future swimming clubs and clubs in other sporting areas.

In addition, the representatives from Santa Perpetua promised to assist the General Directorate for Sports in the development of regulations and legislation, both in matters regarding the use of the infrastructures in the area, and in sports legislation.

Essentially, this new collaboration is an addition to the efforts within the new dynamic at the Ministry for Youth, which in this way has a new key partner in the development of sport in the country, through a benevolent collaboration agreement with a high potential for social impact.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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