Meeting with Government Third Vice Prime Minister and US Ambassador

The Government Third Vice Prime Minister, Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, received the US Ambassador, July Furuta Toy, in his official office on Wednesday, 10th May. The issues addressed during the meeting were mainly subjects such as the report on illegal human trafficking. The meeting took place in the in the headquarters of the Head of Government in Malabo II.

The ambassador visited the ministerial department to take an interest in the actions that the government is implementing in the illegal human trafficking of immigrants.

According to the American ambassador, the rise of our country will mainly depend on the development of this report on these crimes. Furuta Toy highlighted that if Equatorial Guinea was to rise, it would be under observation. In order to achieve this rise, the tutoring department must work on the new work plan that the ambassador presented to her interlocutor.

As a result of this new plan, the ambassador suggested that, before all, it is necessary to carry out a national awareness campaign against the illegal human trafficking of immigrants.

During the campaign, the human rights department will spread the law which prohibits human trafficking in Equatorial Guinea; arrange seminars with law enforcement agents, and with the civil servants who are responsible for passing the aforementioned law.

In this campaign, the department expects to count on the national cross-sectorial combat organisations against human trafficking, which will reactivate the work that was previously carried out in the nation.

July Furuta Toy, on her part, said that the government has to implement more positive actions and double efforts in order to achieve these objectives with regard to this year’s report, and that “I have come here today to talk to the Third Vice Prime Minister about our human trafficking report. The embassy’s objective is to work together with the tutoring department to gather data and to develop this report, which will be composed in the US. For this reason, the government must fight more for the protection, prevention and persecution of those who have committed these crimes in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea”.

The Director General of Human Rights, Manuel Mba Nchama, and the Director General of the Third Vice Prime Minister’s Cabinet, Carina Montserrat Nsue, attended this meeting.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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