Meetings continue for Ethnic Groups of Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights

On Wednesday 4th September, members making up the Ethnic Groups of the Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights within the Senate met for the second day running to look at the proposals and wordings contained within the draft documents covering the concept of consuetudinary matrimony, in order to improve its wording and adapt it to the current ethno-cultural situation.

As a consequence, members of the ethnic groups making up the Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights continued their meetings at the palace of International Congresses and Conferences in Ngolo, the provisional headquarters of the Senate in the city of Bata, in order to continue the study of the draft Family Code Law, the work on which had been halted during the first ordinary period in Malabo due to scheduling reasons.

Within this context, the various ethnic groups on the commission, after collecting data through surveys, interviews and bibliographic sources on the concept of consuetudinary matrimony in order to achieve harmonious, peaceful living, drew up draft documents with the aim of improving the concept of traditional matrimony, taking into account that it is being misinterpreted and used outside the traditional context.

To do that, the members of the group have been working carefully in order to adapt the definitive texts which will be submitted to the commission for inclusion within the Family Code Law Proposal.

Among the matters debated were the formalisation of engagement, request for hand in marriage, the setting of the date for the wedding and its programme, the exchange of gifts and their definition and validation, together with the dowry, factors which intervene in the chapters of pre-matrimonial acts and the celebration of the wedding, followed by the ceremony of the consuetudinary matrimony, legal effects and registry, and the duties and rights of the spouses and cohabitation.

Souce: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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