Meetings in the Ministry of Culture and Craft Promotion

The Minister of Culture and Craft Promotion, Rufino Ndong Esono Nchama, met the directors of Malabo National Park and Octavio Anselmo Ada and Francisco Cancho from Levanta Comunicaciones. With these delegates, the minister analysed projects and concerns relative to the operation of the department.

The first delegate to visit the department was the director of Malabo National Park, Octavio Anselmo Ada, who exerted maximum authority to notify the minister of the present situation that this public urban area is experiencing.

During the meeting, the director Anselmo Ada informed the minister of the reasons why the park is currently closed to visitors. Issues such as a lack of tickets, financial management, and services, which are being managed by the State General Treasury, were the subjects addressed during the meeting.

The minister, Ndong Esono, who was outraged by the situation said: “the State General Treasury is responsible for the park’s economical actions and heads of the park are responsible for the circulation of tickets. The Ministry of Culture and Craft Promotion is the entity responsible for managing the patrimony of this public urban area, and it is inconceivable how the National Park is closed for more than four days due to the lack of tickets when the tickets are printed in the city of Malabo.

As a result of this situation, the minister demanded the park’s representative to contact the treasury’s finance department to alleviate the situation.

Furthermore, the director of the park presented a strategic plan to the minister, Ndong Esono, in order to revive the activities in this section with the objective of attracting more visitors, especially children and young people.

In accordance to the plan, the head of department informed his interlocutor that the proposal will be studied carefully and passed on to his superiors for subsequent analysis, and pending on approval. Among the activities in the package include an international games fair and the attainment of activities which are clearly for young people.

Moments later, the Minister of Culture and Craft Promotion received Francisco Cancho – the director of the printing house, Levanta Comunicaciones, who visited the minister to address matters on the editing and publication of books by Equatorial Guinean authors, in addition to the acquisition of investigative books for the nation’s public libraries and kiosks.

During the meeting, Francisco Cancho presented a project on the elaboration of a memorandum on the life, facts and achievements of the Head of State, S. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo as a Pan-African statesman, among other publications.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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