Meme: Self-styled militant leader ‘General Black Bat’ neutralized by security forces

Defence and security forces in Meme Division have announced the neutralization of Besaka Belget, commonly known as ‘General Black Bat,’ a separatist fighter in Kombone Bakundu. Black Bat was killed on June 13, 2024, in Boa Bakundu during a military operation in the area.

His death comes barely two months after the killing of another prominent separatist figure, Mad Dogg, in the same locality. Black Bat, who was accused of various crimes including kidnapping for ransom, seizure of cocoa farmlands, and torture of locals, had been a notorious figure in the area.

He is linked to the deaths of two prominent individuals in Kombone Bakundu, Mukete Thaddeus Oben, and Obie Christopher Lyonga. Additionally, Black Bat kidnapped and removed Besingi Ebenizar Ande from his traditional position as the cup bearer of Kombone two years ago, appointing his associate, now imprisoned in Buea, to the revered traditional throne in Oroko land. He is also accused of expelling the Women Traditional Leader (‘Iya Mboka’) of Kombone an
d seizing her husband’s cocoa farmland.

In response to Black Bat’s death, Chief Sakwe Eric Dosa of Kombone Bakundu expressed sorrow and called for unity against the forces of evil in the community. Chief Dosa revealed that several attempts were made to persuade General Black Bat to surrender and join the Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) center in Buea.

Source: Cameroon News Agency