Message from President of Republic of Turkey

We are publishing the full contents of the message from the President of the Republic of Turkey.

Congratulations on 29th October, Republic Day, to our citizens living in our country and abroad, and all our friends who share with us this day, which is a source of pride.

On the 95th anniversary of the proclamation of our Republic, I pay homage with particular respect to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and all our heroes who led the victory in the War of Independence and the foundation of our new State.

I express our gratitude to our members of Parliament who make efforts towards the liberation, development, growth and strengthening of our country as representatives of the national will, since the First Assembly to the present.

A ask for God’s mercy for all our ancestors, martyrs and veterans who spilt blood and made huge efforts for every inch of the territory of Anatolia, our ancient homeland.

The bloody memory of the members of our security forces and citizens who lost lives during the fight against terrorism, and 15th July will remain forever in the heart of our nation and will keep its place in the identity of our State.

I see each step we have taken towards an advanced democracy and strong economy in our efforts to enable our country “to reach the level of modern civilisations” as a shining light for our glorious future.

Our new airport, which was opened today in Istanbul, is one of those lights.

I hope we can crown our great, eternal journey, which began with the Seljuk Empire through the Ottoman Empire to the young Republic of Turkey, with our 2023 goals, and take them to a higher level with pour visions fro 2053 and 2071.

Each advance, beginning with our victories in Malazgirt and continuing with those in Canakkale, Kut al Amara, Dumlupinar and Cyprus, during the last century, and our humanitarian position in Syria , is a symbol of the noble posture of our nation.

Each success for Turkey also feeds, promotes and catalyses the hopes in the hearts of the oppressed and victims in our region and throughout the world, and within the common conscience of humanity.

For that reason, our country occupies first place in humanitarian aid in relation to national income, although it is the 17th largest economy in the world.

While others close their doors and hearts to asylum seekers, Turkey provides them with a warm welcome, as the only country that is adequately meeting its humanitarian responsibilities.

For us it is an honour to make history as a nation that shares its home and bread with the oppressed, instead of turning our back, and always makes decisions in favour of equality and justice.

We will not compromise our posture, and we will never allow any obstacle, sabotage or conspiracy to prevent us from reaching our goals.

We will continue to work with all our efforts in order that the Republic of Turkey remains standing forever, on arriving at this 95th Anniversary of its founding.

With these reflections, I once again express my congratulations on 29th October, Republic Day”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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