Message of thanks from Head of State and President Founder of PDGE

rapturous reception given by the People of Equatorial Guinea en masse to the Presidential Couple, the Head of State and President Founder of the PDGE, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has sent a message of thanks, which we are publishing here in full.

Dear Compatriots,

Distinguished Population of Equatorial Guinea;

Sister and brother militants and sympathisers, one and all, of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea:

With the State tour that we have been on in recent weeks, covering the length and breadth of our national territory, coming to an end, it is an obligation and at the same time a great privilege to be able to send this message of thanks and congratulations for the continuous and extremely intense displays of affection, esteem and appreciation by the people of Equatorial Guinea, and the demonstrations of rapturous welcome and hospitality to which we have been subjected in all the districts and places we have visited.

We can but express our joy and delight at seeing, with our presence in these great cities and small villages, how the vast majority of the People of Equatorial Guinea have taken on and remain united under the political ideology and philosophy of the Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea.

Despite the giant steps that, as one, fighting against titanic difficulties, we have achieved towards the incredible development of our Nation, many challenges still remain in order to continue to move forward. But the most important of all of them is the one which we must never forget, which is the maintenance of a culture of peace, as a guarantee for the political stability and economic development which our homeland enjoys today.

On visiting various places, formerly forgotten, cut off in the wilds of the jungle, and which now have become new urban districts, with modern infrastructures and equipment in accordance with the new age of development, we have experienced feelings which we shall never forget; among them, the gratitude, the closeness and the warmth we have received from the populations in these places, who have taken our hands and showered us with words of gratitude and objects from their traditions, which have immeasurable value for us.

The tour stopped in 19 districts and 52 new urban districts throughout the country; in all of them we had the great honour of being able to greet and be received with incessant displays of affection by the population. We were also able to launch and lay the first stones for various new works and projects which will soon become new roads, administrative buildings, schools, health centres, and many other constructions. New work that will take development to these places, and which will mean a huge step forward towards the well-being and the future of the inhabitants, as the Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea has dedicated 390,929,187,836 Franco CFA, without including access or the new urban district of Annobon, in all these projects which constitute a true revolution in the town planning of our country, in the construction of a modern Equatorial Guinea, and in the transformation of rural areas; a task which we cannot leave behind in order to achieve the overall evolution of our Nation, and the change of mentality in order to achieve the complete well-being of our population.

On this historic State Tour we were able to come face to face with the population of our State, and the people told us personally of their problems, needs and concerns, which have been fully recorded in the working diary and priorities of the Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, for whom working directly with the People is a priority, because the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea is, at the end of the day, made up of a large majority of the People of Equatorial Guinea.

The policy of our party is to promote peace and the complete development of the Nation, and to preserve our values within modernity, so I reiterate a call to the entire population to remain ever watchful and report anything which goes against our social harmony, while at the same time I recommend that all the people promote and strengthen solidarity and social cohesion in order to live in an atmosphere of understanding and brotherly love, and also to make our Country a haven of peace and development under Horizonte 2020 and beyond.

I reiterate, thus, in this message, my enormous satisfaction and thanks for the tremendous, massive, multitudinous display by the Population on this State Tour. The People of Equatorial Guinea have once again shown their political maturity and nationalism with their reception and commitment on this occasion, and remain united, with no cracks, prepared to continue to work as a team for their own future, and who support with an absolute, total majority wish, the project of the Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, which is nothing less than the project for the overall development towards the well-being of the entire People of Equatorial Guinea.

This message of thanks and greetings goes out particularly to each and every one of the political and administrative, civil and military authorities; to the directors and members of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea made up of the District Council, the grassroots cells, their respective specialist structures for women, the ANTORCHA and ASHO youth federations, workers organisations, musical groups and traditional dance troupes, militants and sympathisers of the PDGE throughout the country, for the huge mobilisation organised in order to provide the rapturous reception, and I urge them to continue in this attitude of adhesion and loyalty to the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, for an Equatorial Guinea that is always better and better.

May Almighty God continue to bless the noble people of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Long Live the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

President of the Republic, Head of State and Founder of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea.”

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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