Micomeseng, the last stage on the presidential couple’s State Tour

All provincial, district and municipal authorities in Micomeseng, together with the general public and some members of the Government, made a date to receive the presidential couple, on the last state of the State Tour in the continental region.

The reception in Micomeseng for the presidential couple was rapturous, with all social layers from the area present to welcome the entourage. Local authorities, heads of Social Affairs and Gender Equality, grassroots cells of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, together with the general public, dances, and numerous colonies of foreigners living in the region, gathered to greet the Head of State and the First Lady, on arrival.

Beayop, Akok Esabok and Ayantanga are the people’s councils that are being raised to the status of urban district in this jurisdiction, as a result of the pronouncement by the Head of State on the tour he made in 2015.

H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo laid the first stones for the construction of various works in these communities, through the provision of large sums of money released by the Government he leads. Among the projects are schools, social housing, roads, electrical energy installations, drinking water, churches, health centres and police stations, together with official residences, which will radically alter the infrastructures of these population centres.

The mayoress of the town was one of the main speakers at the mass rally, which took place in the Square of the National Hero Enrique Nvo. Speeches were also heard from the head of the District Political Office of the PDGE and the Government Delegate, and various gifts were presented to the presidential couple.

In Micomeseng the figure invested for the various projects is over 22 thousand million Franco CFA; while for projects in the rest of the urban districts in all the provincial capitals of the nations, it runs to over 390 thousand million.

To warm ovations, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, as the main speaker at the event, began his reflections by placing peace as an essential element for the development of peoples. “The Republic of Equatorial Guinea must go forward through the efforts of all its children”, indicated the President.

At another point in his reflections, the leader of the nation expressed his greetings and gratitude to each and every one of those at this first meeting of 2017, and for the electoral victory of 2016. However, he did not hide his indignation at the growing wave of violence and acts of vandalism carried out by youths.

The President took advantage of the occasion to congratulate the female population of Micomeseng, for the celebrations of 8th March, International Day of the Woman Worker.

Another part of the event featured the PDGE, with the awarding of medals to outstanding militants for their contribution towards the success of the grouping by the President Founder.

This event brings to a close the State Tour which the presidential couple began on 7th February in the district of Baney. The main feature of the tour has been the festive mood with which the Head of State and his wife have been received in all the places visited, together with the hospitality of the population, which in some places and districts were enjoying a presidential visit for the first time.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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