Milam Tang, with the delegation of the CPLP

During his visit to Malabo, for the opening of the new headquarters, the delegation of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), met with leading authorities, including the First Vice President.

The First Vice President for Presidential Affairs, Ignacio Milam Tang, received on Saturday June 13, the delegation of the Confederation of the Countries of the Community of Portuguese Language (CE-CPLP), headed by its Executive Secretary Isaac Murargy.

The meeting, which took place at the People’s Palace of Malabo, was attended by some members of the Government, such as the heads of the Ministries of Economy, Planning and Public Investment, of Commerce and Business Development, and the Minister of State for Missions of the Presidency of the Republic, Alejandro Evuna Owono Asangono.

The visiting group, composed of fourteen members, was representing the productive sector of the community. Including the Chairman of the CE-CPLP, Salimo Abdula.

In addition to reporting on the opening of the new headquarters in Malabo, the executive secretary of the institution, Isaac Murargy, he recalled that our country offers good investment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as agriculture.

This is the largest delegation of CPLP to visit the capital, since Equatorial Guinea became part of this community, in order to assist the Government in the diversification of the national economy, a process framed in the Horizon 2020 program, as noted by Milam Tang, at the time of thanking the mission for its initiative.

Text and photos: Luis Felipe Rondo (Press Office of the Vice Presidency)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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