Minister for Agriculture at China-Africa Economics and Trade Exhibition

On the final day of the China-Africa Economics and Trade Exhibition, which took place from 27th to 29th June in the city of Changsha, another of the activities carried out by the Equatoguinean delegation was the visit to some industrial companies from the food and technology sector, in the presence of the Minister for Agriculture and forests, Nicolas Houtonji Acapo, and the Deputy Minister for Trade, Alberto Doria Lajai.

Houtonji Acapo welcomed the invitation, and appreciated the advances made by the companies and presented products from our country, while inviting them to join with the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, in order to develop the technology they have and increase productivity for our products.

According to the minister, the companies visited allow visiting countries to dream about what they want to achieve in their respective countries, as is the case of Equatorial Guinea, which is following the line of its national development strategy through the creation of small and medium-sized industries.

China continues to surprise its visitors, showing them that its cooperation with Africa is not only promises, but the search for a fruitful union in the win-win spirit.

Houtonji Acapo visited the fair, where he could appreciate the work done by the Equatoguinean delegation taking part, with the display of various products from our country seeking Chinese investors for export and commercialisation.

Source: Republic of Equatorial Guinea Embassy in People’s Republic of China Press Attache

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